Managers’ Manual 2015

Updated February 2015


Table of Contents

I.            Introduction

II.           Standards of Conduct      

III.          Scheduling

IV.          Ordering

V.           Headquarters

VI.          Safety

VII.         Discipline

VIII.        Training

IX.          Inclimate Weather/Power Loss   

X.           Store Appearance/Organization

XI.          Security

XII.         Customer Service Escalation

XIII.        Customer Bans

XIV.        Compensation

XV.         Termination of Employees

XVI.         Referenced document locations


I. Introduction

What we expect from our managers

As a manager, we expect you to hold yourself to the same standards outlined in the LZD Employee Handbook. We also expect you to go above and beyond what we expect of the employees who work under you. We expect you to lead by example. It is your job to keep the store under your leadership open and running smoothly. We understand that everyone has their own strengths and weakness. We expect you to be open and receptive to tools that will help you grow and to be willing to support others with your strengths. If your store encounters problems that you need help solving, we expect you to communicate with HQ and let us help you. You are our eyes and ears for both our customer’s needs and our employee’s needs.


Non-Compete Clause

By accepting a job with LZD you agree to keep all trade secrets, vendor names, pricing, and other company information confidential. You agree that you will not work for/with a competing tobacco store during your employment with LZD or for one year after your employment has been terminated. You will not attempt to open a competing store within a 50 mile radius of one of our current locations for two years after your termination from LZD.

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What you can expect from us

You can expect HQ to be receptive to your feedback. You can expect support in our common goal of smooth operations of our retail stores. You can expect HQ to help you deal with unforeseen or unusual events. You can expect HQ to facilitate the acquisition of new products and finding reliable vendors for store needs.


II. Standards of Conduct

You are expected to follow all of the standards of conduct outlined in the LZD Employee Handbook. In addition, you are expected to remember that you represent LZD Management when you speak to both employees and customers. You are never, under any circumstances, to curse or use abusive language towards employees or customers. If an employee is acting in an unacceptable manner, do not stoop to their level. If a customer is acting in an unacceptable manner, ask them to leave your store. You have disciplinary tools; use these to correct behavior.


III. Scheduling

Managers must maintain a minimum of 14 days-ahead on their employees schedule.  When schedules are prepared, there should be at least 21 days of work schedule planned, which over the course of a week will reduce to the 14 day minimum.  Managers must schedule themselves for a minimum of 80 “Scheduled” hours per pay period.  As salaried employees, managers are expected to work 90 hours on average during each two-week work period.  Some weeks you may work more, some less but you should average 90.  The remaining 10 hours in a pay period that are not considered to be “scheduled hours” are a buffer period for activities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Manager meetings at headquarters.

  • Creating or updating schedules outside of scheduled hours.

  • Covering a shift for a missing employee.

  • Cross Promotion

  • Competiton Review

  • Orders


IV. Ordering

Managers are expected to create orders to LZD HQ to ensure that display cases are kept clean and abundantly stocked with our products.  All ordering will be done by LZD Headquarters.


V. Headquarters

Headquarters exists to support the smooth operation of your store.  In order to accomplish this, Headquarters employees will sometimes require information from you. As a manager it is your job to get those employees the information they require as quickly as possible.  While you do not work directly for all Headquarters staff, you must work with them so that they can carry out the objectives of the General Manager or Owner.


VI. Safety

It is your responsibility to be aware of all of the safety regulations in the LZD Employee Handbook. You are to ensure that you and all of the employees under your supervision follow these safety regulations. You are to periodically review these safety regulations yourself and review them with your employees. It is your responsibility to report unsafe working conditions to HQ so that they may be addressed. We take the safety of our employees and customers very seriously and expect you to do the same.


VII. Discipline

Managers are expected to enforce store policies and policies set forth by headquarters in any official communications.  This includes this manual, the standard employee handbook, e-mails, texts and any other written communication.  If employees are not following these rules and policies, it is the managers responsibility to discipline employees through Records of Discussion or Write-Ups. If these methods fail, termination of employment will be used to maintain discipline.  


Managers are subjects to these same policies and the same methods of discipline may be employed by the General Manager to remind managers of their responsibilities and the standards they are to maintain.


VIII. Training

Managers are expected to quickly raise the competency levels of each of their new employees. Each employee should be well versed in the use and sales language/tactics for each product in our stores. See the LZD Employee Knowledge List for more details. It is your responsibility to make sure your employees are well-trained. If you are having trouble training an employee, it is your responsibility to document this with Records of Discussion. A poorly-trained employee, who has been working with us for more than 30 days and can not demonstrate knowledge of nearly every product on the LZD Employee Knowledge List may result in disciplinary action for the manager of that employee.


IX. Inclimate Weather/Power Loss

Our goal is to keep LZD open as often as possible while also protecting our employee’s safety. In cases of predicted inclimate weather, HQ may contact you with a plan and employees who are willing to help transport your employees. Please make sure you check your e-mail, texts and are available via phone if inclimate weather is predicted. If you feel that conditions require your store to close early or open late, please contact the Company Operations Manager via text or a phone call to discuss the situation. Employee safety is our number one priority in inclement weather situations. If you decide you need to close the store early or open late and are unable to reach HQ or the Operations Manager, make sure you have documented your attempts to contact both of them.  texts, attempted phone calls (with voicemail if possible) and E-mail are the bare minimum requirements for attempted communications in this case.


In the event of power loss at your store please contact Virginia Power at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) to get an estimated time for repairs, then contact the Operations Manager or HQ.  If possible continue selling products with listed prices on a cash-only basis, carefully tracking sales on paper until power is restored.  Once power is restored all of these sales should be combined and entered into a single receipt and printed for our records, and dropped into the drop safe inside the next deposit bag.  The same policy applies for loss of functionality in the Point of Sale computer; Contact the Operations Manager or HQ, and if possible continue operations of the store.


X. Store Appearance/Organization

The guidelines in this section must be followed in each LZD store.

  • Managers are responsible for ensuring their employees keep the store tidy and clean.  

  • Trash cans should never be overflowing.  

  • Walkways must be safe to navigate in case of an emergency.

  • Employees should be able to see all areas where loose merchandise is displayed in order to prevent theft.

  • Merchandise should be displayed so that customers can easily see products.

  • If we are out of a product, signs should never be put up outside of the store or in the doorway.  If necessary a small card can be made where the product would normally be placed that reads “[Product Name] temporarily out of stock.”  Customers seeking products we no longer carry should be redirected to similar products we do carry.


If you are unsure that your current layout meets these criteria or are considering a new layout and are unsure that it meets these criteria, HQ will gladly review the layout with you. Do Not Change Your Store Layout Without The Consent Of Headquarters.


XI. Security

Always follow proper opening and closing procedures to avoid incident. Your stores are under 24 hour camera recorded surveillance. There should never be more than 2 night drops on premise as deposits are required to be done three times a week.


XII. Customer Service Escalation

You are the last stop for customer service issues.  You are to provide any customer that want’s to go over your head with the company website ( in order to allow them to submit a customer complaint online.  You are not to give them HQ’s information or any individual’s contact information.  Treat customers with respect even if they are being disrespectful to you.  If they are being rude, abusive, or threatening, you are fully authorized to ask them to leave, and if necessary contact the police to have them removed.


XIII. Customer Bans

Unless directly approved by HQ no customers should be banned.


XIV. Manager Compensation

In addition to your salary, a store specific performance bonus, in addition to a monthly sales bonus will be awarded.


XV. Termination of Employees

Proper procedures must be followed to document a termination for cause.  The most important thing is to document bad behavior through a record of discussion and write-ups and then document that the behavior has continued. (Usually through additional write-ups.)


There are two noted exceptions to the above.  First if you catch an employee doing something illegal in our store, including theft of our products, you must dismiss them immediately.  All our stores have nearly 100% camera coverage and a short video is more than enough evidence for the Employment Commission. Second a no-call/no-show is also grounds for immediate dismissal.  In the case of a no-call/no-show you have discretion in the disciplinary actions you take, but it is within your authority to dismiss them for the first offense.


Terminating your employees is part of your job, however certain circumstances or relationships can make it more difficult to fire someone.  In this case you can always ask for the Operations or Field Manager to be present, or carry out the termination.  Our top concern is always to quickly dismiss a problem employee.


XV. Referenced document locations

  • Employee Website:

  • The LZD Employee Handbook is available on the employee website.  

  • Record of Discussion forms are available on the employee website.

  • Write-Up forms are available on the employee website.

  • The LZD Employee Knowledge List is available at You will be notified when significant changes are made to this document.



As a manager Social Media is a powerful tool that has been shown to bring in constant business and foster positive repeat customers. When you are appointed manager of a location you are given administrative access to the various social media platforms that promote that location.


As a manager you are required to make daily updates to your social media page.


These updates must include a photo with yourself, a member of your staff, or a guest, and at least one product. If you do not make a photo post then you may also make a video post that can be location specific.


You can schedule updates on your page during your admin time, but if you chose to do that rather than making organic posts during the day, your employees need to be making organic posts, and you need to check with the Creative Department to find out what times are your best high traffic options for posting and if what you intend to schedule is adequate.


While there is a minimum requirement of mandatory posting that needs to be made, a direct correlation between sales and social media outreach has been shown in all locations. Due to this fact it is strongly encouraged that if you want your location to do well, and to consistently meet your sales goals, then it is beneficial for you to be active on the various social media platforms in order to foster a sense of community and provide an inviting environment that will bring people to your location.


It is also a good idea to encourage your staff to make use of there personal social media platforms to help promote and foster a sense of community at your location.

If you have any questions about social media outreach you can contact HQ and set a time during your admin hours to meet with the Creative Department for Social Media training.



I have read and been informed about the content, requirements and expectations of the LZD, managers’ manual and the policies for management employees at the LZD retail stores and lounge locations.

I have acknowledged that I have direct access to the LZD managers’ manual via the web for my convenience to access at any time as a reference tool and agree to abide by the policies, guidelines set forth within the manager's manual as a condition of my employment and my continuing employment at LZD.

I understand that if I have questions, at any time, regarding any of the policies stated within the LZD managers’ manual, I will consult with my immediate supervisor or my Human Resource staff member.

Please read the LZD  managers’ manual carefully to ensure that you fully understand the codes, policies and guidelines before signing this document.

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